Why haven’t I received any logs by email?

If you expected to receive logs by email but you have not, please check the following:

1. Elite Keylogger for Mac uses your own email server information to send you the logs. Please review How to View and Email Logs and double-check your outgoing email settings with your email provider. Be sure to use the Test Email button to test your settings.

2. Check how frequently you have set Elite Keylogger to send you logs. If you set the frequency to once a week, you will not receive logs before a week has passed.

3. Is it possible that the Mac has not been used? Elite Keylogger only records when the Mac is active.

4. Is it possible that someone reformatted the Mac’s hard drive (thus deleting the program)?

5. Is it possible you did not keep up with the latest updates of Elite Keylogger and an older version may have gotten detected and quarantined by anti-virus software?