Why are my log files so large? How do I make them smaller? [Mac]

If you are using Elite Keylogger for Mac in invisible mode, it is always a good idea to keep your log files small in size. If they take up a large amount of space on the hard drive, that can alert the user that all is not as it seems.

Please review our How to Adjust the Log Report Settings article. We recommend the following setting options to keep log sizes small:

  • Take a screenshot every (min): Leave this number at 15 or larger. Screenshots are the main cause of large logs, especially with a large monitor (or multiple monitors).
  • Auto-clear logs larger than (MB): The default is 1024 megabytes, which is the equivalent of 1 gigabyte. You may want to go even smaller than this. This is the main control over log size that you have. Logs will be automatically deleted after the file reaches the specified size, starting with the oldest ones.
  • Always keep logs for the last two days: If you check this box, then you could go over the specified auto-clear size. If you want to be sure to stay under 1 GB (or whatever your maximum is) then do not check this box.
  • Remove logs once sent: In the email settings, you can check this box to clear logs after they are emailed and leave more space for screenshots, etc.
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