What’s this new “All Activity” log view? [Mac]

New "All activity" logWith Elite Keylogger for Mac version 1.3.036, we introduced the ability to have all four types of logs (Keystrokes, Clipboard, Chats and Web-Activity) emailed in one simple, chronological view. Then, with version 1.4, we introduced that same ability for users who were viewing logs inside the app. This was a major step forward, since before only Keystroke logs were emailed and when in the app, you had to view different types of logs separately.

all-activity-logWe call this new view the “All Activity” log. It makes it amazingly simple to see exactly what a user did on the computer on a particular day — what applications they used, what websites they visited, what emails they typed… Everything is timestamped and identified by the particular user that is logged in on the Mac.

But fear not! If you liked viewing the logs separately in the app you still can — simply click the arrow to the right of the Screenshots icon and you will see the¬†Keystrokes, Clipboard, Chats and Web-Activity icons are still there.

See our article How to View and Email Logs to learn more.