What kind of information can I track with Elite Keylogger? [Mac]

Elite Keylogger for Mac tracks activity in five different ways:

Elite Keylogger for Mac - Keystrokes recording1. Keystrokes

All keys typed on the computer’s keyboard are recorded. This includes things typed in like:

However,  keystroke recording will not record items that are not typed, such as:

  • Auto-filled passwords
  • Received emails

chat2. Chats

Elite Keylogger will capture BOTH sides (words sent and received) of instant message (IM) chat conversations in iChat/Messages, Skype, Adium and Viber. This is a PRO-only feature. The Free version will capture the chats, but only the PRO version will allow you to view the chat logs. (Feel free to contact our support team if there is another chat program you would like to see supported.)

Elite Keylogger for Mac - Background screenshots capturing3. Screenshots

Based on the frequency you specify in the settings, Elite Keylogger will take photos of the Mac’s screen and save them for later viewing. This will allow you to see exactly what was on screen at that moment, including videos, email and websites. This feature is multi-monitor friendly.

Elite Keylogger for Mac - Websites visited by your Mac users4. Web Activity

Elite Keylogger will gather a list of websites visited, even if the user deletes their history. Apple Safari, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are all supported.

Elite Keylogger for Mac - Clipboard monitoring5. Clipboard

Elite Keylogger tracks any text that is copied and pasted to the clipboard.