Viber monitoring on Mac

Have we said it already? Yeah, Elite Keylogger keeps being the best, the easiest and the most user-friendly monitoring app for Mac OS X! We’ve already accomplished great feats, and now it’s time for another update. Meet Elite Keylogger for Mac 1.3.037 with a new friend of ours – Viber recording.



Viber is an extremely popular chat app (like Skype, you know) for desktop and mobile systems. It’s free, fast, cross-platform, dubiously beautiful and very convenient. Millions of people use Viber for everyday chatting, voice calling, and more.

Now you can secretly record both sides of their text chats and review the logs in Elite Keylogger, or get them delivered to your mailbox.

What’s new in build 037?

– as we said, in addition to recent update that introduced IM monitoring, we are adding Viber support
– among other improvements, invisible installation becomes even more stealthy now, it does better job clearing absolutely all tracks of Elite Keylogger in recent items, etc.
– we improved unhiding of Elite Keylogger …again
– better handling of HTML tags in various logs and when emailing them out
– also, we fixed user folder access while installing (reported by some users)
– many more tiny updates and fixes

Stay tuned, and grab the upgrade soon.