What Is USB Keylogger For Mac? Free Alternative To USB Keylogger

In this article, we are taking a closer look at two popular USB keylogger devices for Mac— KeyGhost USB Keylogger and KeyGrabber USB—and one great software alternative that costs much less than the two hardware USB keyloggers.

Hardware USB Keylogger Review: KeyGhost USB Keylogger


This self-proclaimed world’s first keylogger for Mac and PC USB keyboards works with any standard USB keyboard. It intercepts the keystroke commands send by the keyboard to the computer, stores them, and forwards them, making it seem that nothing is happening in the background.

It comes in three different models. The least expensive model costs around $200 and can record only 128,000 keystrokes, while the most popular model can record over 2,000,000 keystrokes for around $300.

Probably the biggest limitation of this hardware USB keylogger for Mac is the fact that it only works with wireless keyboards that come with their own receivers that emulate the standard USB keyboard interface. These days, more and more wireless keyboards use encryption and proprietary transition protocols that allow for more advanced features. The KeyGhost USB Keylogger is useless with modern wireless keyboards.

That being said, it does a decent job when it comes to recording keystrokes typed on a standard USB keyboard, even though there are cheaper and better solutions, such as the one reviewed at the end of this article.

Hardware USB Keylogger Review: KeyGrabber USB


Another highly popular USB keylogger for Mac is called KeyGrabber USB. Compared to KeyGhost USB Keylogger, it has a much larger internal storage space—up to 2 GB—allowing it to store virtually unlimited number of keystrokes.

The device uses strong encryption to protect the recorded data, and it’s designed to be as compact and transparent as possible. When you plug it into a computer, there won’t be any audio or visual alert notifying you that a USB device has been plugged in.

This USB Keylogger Mac comes with the Mac Compatibility Pack (MCP), which is a special enhancement for maximum compatibility with Apple keyboards, including the aluminum Apple A1243 and A1242 keyboards. Unfortunately, even with the compatibility pack, this hardware USB keylogger for Mac struggles with modern wireless keyboards and their sophisticated encryption protocols.

Software USB Keylogger Review: Elite Keylogger

keylogger mac

Any hardware USB keylogger Mac is inherently limited to older USB keyboards. Yes, some hardware keyloggers do support wireless keyboards to some extent, but they are highly unreliable, especially with newer keyboards.

That’s why software USB keyloggers are becoming increasingly more popular with each year. Software USB keylogger download takes just a few seconds, and it will allow you to record keystrokes regardless of the type of keyboard being used.

Elite Keylogger for Mac stands out as the best software keylogger currently available. You can download it for free or purchase the Pro version for just $49. After you finish this USB keylogger download and installation, you will be able to record keystrokes, take screenshots, monitor clipboard activity, log usernames and passwords, record chat history and much more. Download free version to learn more about this excellent alternative to hardware keyloggers.