The timeline of everything recorded

Elite Keylogger for Mac keeps improving with every new build. Now we are back with the new major release of version 1.4. And the list of enhancements is impressive again. While using Elite Keylogger on our own computers, and seeing how people use it to protect their dearest ones or intensify efficiency of corporate Macs, we noted that most of you wanted to see everything logged in one convenient timeline.

We were not sure it would work… at first the logs were getting busier and less usable. But we solved the riddle, and we present the new “All activity” option as the main timeline for everything Elite Keylogger stores for you; still keeping the specifics for your convenience just a click away.

New "All activity" log

The new log option conveniently joins all other logs (but the screenshots) into a single timeline of events with everything typed, copied to clipboard, etc. We believe this way of reviewing the recorded data is far more useful for the vast majority of our users. Here’s another screenshot that shows the All Activity log in action.

More 1.4 new feature highlights:

  • logged data is now grouped into the new convenient “All activity” joint log; also emailed; looks awesome in your mailbox
  • PRO users enjoy local invisible background logs backup and recovery, prevents logs corruption due to power outage, etc. Users get a notification in UI and via email in case the logs got corrupted and were recovered because of unexpected power down, or else.
  • better OS X user switching support. Logged data is being stored in the log more accurately no matter who’s taking over.
  • better keyboard navigation in Settings… try TABbing
  • emailed logs are now identified by the Mac’s name and unique ID
  • yet again Elite Keylogger becomes even more hidden in Mac’s Recent Items after installation
  • fix: Viber timer no longer spoofs the log with its semi-fake activity
  • fix: capital letters support in the Settings input fields

Download all-new Elite Keylogger for Mac 1.4 now.

Keep in mind: we will gladly send a few free review copies to bloggers and press.