Some Freaky-ntly Asked Questions

  1. One license of Elite Keylogger lets you install it on 1 computer for monitoring purposes (in Visible or Invisible mode); and you can use the same license to read the logs you might receive via email or FTP, or else, on any number of other computers (Elite Keylogger should be installed as a Logs Viewer). If you need to monitor more computers, we offer greatly priced license packs.
  2. If you have the license, you can move it between several computers as long as the total number of monitored computers does not exceed the number of licenses you own.
  3. Will Elite Keylogger keep all the information it collected during the free trial period once you purchase it? Yes! Don’t forget that there are some configuration parameters which might enable automatic clearing, or clearing of logs after emailing or uploading them to your FTP server. So, basically, Elite Keylogger keeps your logs until you clear them or they are cleared automatically based on your config. Demo period expiration does not result in clearing of logs.
  4. If you format your hard drive, reinstall your Windows, or change your laptop or desktop, you WILL NOT have to buy Elite Keylogger again. Generally speaking, once purchased, you receive your license, which can be recovered any time. Reinstalling Elite Keylogger is highly recommended to keep up with new releases, so you surely can do this in a new environment any time. Pay attention to the number of licenses you purchased and are allowed to use.
  5. If you are running the demo version, it’s not necessary to remove it to start using the registered one. You can register the demo by just unhiding it and using the license code you receive after purchasing a license. However, it is surely recommended to download the special recompiled version of the software available to registered users for enhanced security and protection from antiviruses.
  6. There’s no need to hide Elite Keylogger! Elite Keylogger IS HIDDEN! You don’t have to take any actions to hide it. After you unhide the software, and get to the user interface of Elite Keylogger, you just need to close it to hide it again.
  7. Yes, Elite Keylogger IS easy to uninstall.
  8. And, Elite Keylogger does NOT shoot any reminders that could notify other PC users of its presence. Once your demo is over, the only true limitation is the one that won’t let you view the recorded logs… until you register your demo version or uninstall it.
  9. Yes, there’s no need to buy the license for Elite Keylogger exactly at the PC which you are going to monitor. You can purchase the license at any computer you find most appropriate for buying software or other goods online. The license code you will receive can then be used at the system you are going to monitor.