Best Remote Keylogger for Mac in 2019

Not all free remote keylogger Mac applications are made equal. Some remote keyloggers are designed to be installed without the admin password. Why would somebody go the extra mile to create a keylogger that doesn’t require the admin password? Because they want to steal personal information, most likely.

Any remote install keylogger Mac OS X that works in this way is illegal. Most anti-malware solutions immediately flag such software and disable it. Mac users often unknowingly download malicious keyloggers when they look for the best remote keylogger for Mac and stumble upon a site full of pirated software.

To log keystrokes and computer activity, you are legally obliged to have admin access to the computer you want to monitor. It’s also an excellent practice to let the person who is using the computer know that he or she is being monitored.

Alternative to Remote Install Keylogger Mac Users Can Trust

Remote Install Keylogger

As much as it is convenient to remotely install keylogger Mac, it’s always a better idea to choose a keylogger that you can trust with your personal information and private data. Elite Keylogger for Mac OS X requires users to know Mac’s admin password, making it completely legal.

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These days, keyloggers are increasingly more used by people who are just average computer users, such as parents who want to ensure that their children won’t visit inappropriate websites or small business owners who suspect that their employees are not using their time as productively as they could.

Users like this don’t have enough time to read through complicated technical manuals, learning how to use a complex keylogger. They want something that can be used right out of the box and will get the job done without any messing around. Elite Keylogger for Mac OS X is the only keylogger on the market that is as accessible as it is powerful.

The modern user interface places the most commonly used features where they can be easily accessed, yet it takes just a few extra clicks to manually configure even the most technical aspects of the software and leverage its long list of features.

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Elite Keylogger for Mac OS X makes it possible to discreetly capture everything a Mac user types on the monitored computer, including everything copied to the clipboard. If you want to, you can remotely take desktop screenshots and have the application automatically send you log files with usernames and passwords via email. Most websites mask passwords, turning them into small black dots, but Elite Keylogger for Mac OS X can’t be fooled with tricks like this.

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You can download a free version of Elite Keylogger from the official website. It will let you test most features of this premium keylogging software for Mac, giving you time to decide whether you should purchase the Pro version. Pro version adds password capturing, chats recording, premium customer support, and complete undetectable feature.