Keyloggers vs. antiviruses

Yes, it’s actually a constant war. And you have to be well-equipped to prevent your copy of Elite Keylogger from being detected. Here are a few hints and actually very important instructions you have to obey if you are running Elite Keylogger on a system protected by an antivirus, firewall, anti-keylogger, or anti-spyware:

  1. Remember that your antivirus is doing “too much good” for you if it tells you that Elite Keylogger is a virus or has a trojan embedded… it’s simply not true! It can be well used for legitimate cases as well as password stealing, but it all depends on how you are using it.
  2. Learn how to disable your antivirus. It’s not good, but you have to. Being just a downloaded file in your downloads folder, Elite Keylogger won’t be able to hide, protect, or white-list itself. Don’t believe your antivirus vendor if they tell you the antivirus cannot be disabled. Uninstall it if needed, you can get it back after you finish installing Elite Keylogger.
  3. Tune your antivirus if possible. If not, make sure you do everything to protect your logical desire to monitor your own PC when others use it.
  4. Turn your antivirus OFF whenever you want to unhide Elite Keylogger. Since… well… this is called UNHIDING = making visible.
  5. Elite Keylogger needs to be installed before it can be hidden. Otherwise, it’s just a downloaded file on your hard drive. It can’t magically hide itself, you need to follow all the installation steps before that.
  6. Is it true that some antiviruses cannot be disabled? Yes, it is. Do you trust them after this? If you couldn’t close your video player, would it be any good? You can still uninstall an antivirus to correctly deploy Elite Keylogger. If you suppose it’s too much effort, google… we can assure you there are some indirect ways to disable even most “powerful” ones.
  7. Based on our investigations and 5+ years of corporate, shareware and on-demand experience in keylogger development: in 99% of cases when a user experiences BSOD (blue screen of death) it is NOT caused by Elite Keylogger. It is highly possible that the cause is your antivirus or antispyware, which is trying to be a “smart a$$”.
  8. Due to the nature of this inevitable antivirus-vs-keylogger war, and short-sighted position of antivirus developers in this world, we have no way to keep up with technical support of any old versions of Elite Keylogger. Please, make sure you are running the newest one all the time.
  9. Some antiviruses may silently send “suspicious” files to their own servers for investigation. Others may ask you to approve their desire to do so. Please, bear in mind, that once you do this with the instance of Elite Keylogger, your copy (even if it’s a custom one) will no longer be invisible. Do not ever send Elite Keylogger files to your antivirus provider, we do our best to provide a quality and stealth solution, by doing this you kill all our efforts completely.


  • Disable your antivirus every time when you (1) UNHIDE Elite Keylogger, (2) INSTALL and reinstall Elite Keylogger, (3) are going to UNINSTALL Elite Keylogger.
  • Subscribe to our updates RSS and ALWAYS upgrade your version of Elite Keylogger to keep up with the latest fixes, or install betas.
  • Any antivirus will most probably report the installation file of Elite Keylogger as a virus, trojan, or spyware of some kind. That is NORMAL. See previous hints for explanation why it happens and for instructions on how to prevent this.