How to View and Email Logs [Mac]

Elite Keylogger for Mac logs can be viewed directly on the computer it is installed on, or some of the logs can be emailed.

To View Logs on the Computer

1. Go to the computer that is being monitored by Elite Keylogger and disable any anti-virus protection software.

2. Type your unhide keyword (if it is hidden) and then click on the Elite Keylogger icon on your menu bar and type in the app password.

3. Once inside the app, the first screen you will see is the log screen. In this section you can view the user logs using the following filters:

  • By date: Select one date on the calendar, or to select a date range, click on the start date and then press the Shift key and click on the end date. All dates in the range will be highlighted. Or check the box next to “all dates” to view data from all available dates.
  • By user: Click on the “all users” drop-down menu to select a particular user
  • By application: Click on the “all applications” drop-down menu to select a particular application
  • By keyword: Enter a keyword in the Search box

4. Once you’ve set your filters, click the All Activity or Screenshot icons to see the logs that meet your criteria.

5. If the All Activity view is giving you too much information, you can click the arrow to the right of the Screenshots icon to view separate logs for Keystrokes, Clipboard, Web-Activity or Chats.

To Have All Activity Logs Emailed to You

Note that only the All Activity logs are emailed. You will need to sign into the app to view Screenshots.

1. Once in the app, click the Settings (gear) tab at the top of the window.

2. In the “Send logs to this email” section, click the arrow next to the email address field to reveal the whole section.

3. Enter in your email address and select how often you wish to receive logs. Your choices are Every 3 hours, Once a day, or Once a week.

4. Enter your SMTP (outgoing) server information, as well as your username and password. These are the same settings you would enter in your email program to send outgoing email. Elite Keylogger will send the email using your email server. If you do not know this information, you can request it from your email provider.

5. Click the Test Email button to be sure your settings are correct. If all is OK, an email will be sent to your inbox. If the email fails, you will get an error message. Make corrections to your information and try the test again.

6. Click Send Logs Now if you would like email any available logs immediately.

7. To stop or pause the emailing logs, change the email frequency to Never. To resume emails, change the frequency back to the time frame you desire.

To learn about the other Log Report Settings, view How to Adjust Log Report Settings.

To Turn Monitoring On and Off

1. To stop monitoring the computer completely, click the red “Stop” button on the upper-right of the app window. When it asks if you really want to disable monitoring, click “Yes, please turn it off!”

2. To start monitoring again, click the green “Start” button on the upper-right of the app window.