How to Use Elite Keylogger to Record Keystrokes on Mac

A keylogger is a software program that tracks the keys struck on the monitored computer. Keyloggers are often used by parents who want to monitor their children’s online activity, by employers who want to make sure that their employees are working instead of surfing the web, and also by law enforcement agencies, who use keyloggers to solve crimes.

In past, keyloggers were only available to a small group of information technology professionals. These days, applications such as Elite Keylogger for Mac OS X record keystrokes on mac with a click of a button, and their features go far beyond basic keylogging.

To Record Keystrokes on Mac:

Step 1.  Download Keystroke Recorder tool
To use Elite Keylogger to record keystrokes on your Mac, visit the official website, where you can either purchase the Pro version or download the free version.

Keystroke Recorder Software for Mac

Step 2. Install the Software
Install Elite Keylogger just like you would any other Mac OS X application and launch it.

Step 3. Customize Settings
You will be greeted with the main window, which contains a calendar that lets you easily browse through the entire history of logs by date and by their contents, as well as shortcuts other features of the software. Each time Elite Keylogger record keystroke on Mac, it invisible stores it without leaving any trace of its activity.Keystroke Recorder for MacBesides the ability to record keystroke Mac users can also capture information copied to the clipboard, take desktop screenshots, and configure Elite Keylogger to silently deliver recorded logs to any email address.

Unlike other applications designed to record keystrokes mac free, Elite Keylogger is completely undetectable. Read keystroke logger Mac reviews, and you will find many angry customers who have decided to purchase a different keylogging solution only to find out that it doesn’t work properly because Mac OS X prevents it from functioning.

elite keylogger log settings

With Elite Keylogger, you can record keystrokes Mac free of charge – simply download the free version and give it a go. Elite Keylogger is in active development, with updates being released on a regular basis.

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When used legitimately, keyloggers can be tremendously useful. Modern businesses who understand the importance of analytics and constant improvement rely on keyloggers to monitor the behavior of their employees, responsible parents protect their children against online strangers, and administrators of public computers use keyloggers to ensure that the computers they manage are not used for illegal purposes. In each and every case, Elite Keylogger for Mac OS X is the right tool for the job.