How to Hide and Unhide Elite Keylogger [Mac]

One of the main differences between the Free and PRO versions of Elite Keylogger for Mac is that the PRO version is hidden. This means that users do not know the program is running. It does not appear in the Applications folder or in the dock. The Free version cannot be hidden — it is visible at all times.

To Unhide Elite Keylogger

Before unhiding the PRO version of Elite Keylogger, be sure that any anti-virus or anti-spyware software is disabled. To unhide, you must type your Unhide Keyword. You were given a default keyword when you first installed the PRO version. Type this word if you did not change the default. If you did change the default keyword, then type your custom keyword. If you have trouble with the unhide keyword, try clicking on your Desktop first and then typing the word.

menu bar iconIt may take a minute, but you should see the Elite Keylogger icon appear on your top menu bar, with a blank for you to type in your app password. See this article if you have forgotten your unhide keyword.

To Hide Elite Keylogger

Hiding Elite Keylogger is easy. Simply click the “X” in the upper left corner of the Keylogger window (or the password login window). The program will close and automatically hide itself. As an extra precaution, the program will also auto-hide itself after 10 minutes of complete user inactivity on the Mac.

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