How to Download and Install Elite Keylogger [Mac]

Installing Elite Keylogger for Mac is a simple process. If you have a need to track how your Mac is used, Elite Keylogger provides and easy way to monitor its activity. Please read through this entire article before attempting installation.

Before You Begin

1. Make sure you have the password for an Administrator-level User account for the Mac you wish to install it on (the target Mac). The password is required to install Elite Keylogger.

2. Make sure you know how to disable the Mac’s anti-virus program, if it has one.

3. If you wish to have the logs emailed, be sure you have your email addresses’ SMTP outgoing server information, as well as your email password.

4. If you wish to use the free version to monitor your computer, which is not hidden and does not collect passwords, skip to Step 6.  If you wish to use the PRO version to monitor your computer, which is completely invisible and collects passwords, go to and complete your purchase of the PRO version first.

5. Upon purchase of the PRO version, you will receive an email with a license key. Save this license key because you will need it during installation.

Download and Install

6. Go to the Mac you wish to install Elite Keylogger on and disable any anti-virus software. This is important! Elite Keylogger will be mistakenly detected as malware by the anti-virus program if you do not.

7. Go to the Elite Keylogger website and click the button that says “Download Free Version.”

Elite Keylogger - Mac installer

8. Find the install (.dmg) file that you downloaded and double-click on it, then double-click on the Install Elite Keylogger icon that appears. If your computer asks if you are sure you want to open this application, select “Open.”

Actual installation of Elite Keylogger for Mac

9. On the next screen you will have the choice of installing the free or PRO version. Click “Install in visible mode” to install the free version. To install the PRO version, enter you license code and click “Install in invisible mode.” (Note: If you get the message “You need to logout and login again…” please restart your computer.)

10. You will then be asked to choose your app password. This will ensure that only you can view your logs. Type your password twice. Then select “All” if you want Elite Keylogger to monitor all Users of the computer, or “Only Me” if you just want to monitor the User you are currently signed in as. Then click Continue. If asked, enter your Mac Administrator password and click OK.

11. If you are installing the Free version, you will get a message that confirms your installation was successful.

12 . If you are installing the PRO version, you will be asked to type the secret unhide keyword. Type the default word shown on screen (you can change it later if you would like). Important! Please make a note of the unhide keyword and the app password and keep them in a safe place. You will not be able to access Elite Keylogger without them. There is no simple password recovery option like a regular program has.

13. The Elite Keylogger icon will appear in your menu bar. Type your password to access the app. (If you don’t see the menu bar icon, simply type the unhide keyword on your keyboard again to make it appear.)

To learn how to use more of the features of Elite Keylogger and set up logs to be emailed, proceed to How to View and Email Logs.