How to Adjust the Log Report Settings [Mac]

You can adjust several settings on Elite Keylogger for Mac that affect how you save logs and when they are emailed. Take the following steps to adjust the log settings:

1. Go to the computer with Elite Keylogger installed and type your unhide keyword and then your app password.

2. Click on the Settings (gear) icon at the top of the window. You will see several options:

Choose what needs to be deleted...

  • Take a screenshot every (min): This adjusts how many minutes go by between screenshots. The lower the number, the more frequently screenshots are taken and the larger your log files will be. The default is 15 minutes.
  • Auto-clear logs larger than (MB): This setting tells Elite Keylogger to start deleting the oldest logs when the total size of all the log files gets above the specified number. We suggest keeping the log size relatively small, as large log files may be detected by users. The default is 1024 MB.
  • Always keep logs for the last 2 days: If this box is checked, it overrides the auto-clear logs setting above, and ensures that the logs from the last two days are kept, even if they go over the log size specified above.
  • Manually Clear [all logs]: Use this function to manually delete logs. Select the option you wish from the drop-down menu and then click the Clear button.
  • Send logs to this email: See “How to View and Email Logs” for more information on log email settings.
  • Remove logs once sent: If this box is checked, the “all activity” log files are automatically deleted once they are emailed. The screenshot log files are not emailed, so they are not deleted. (Click the arrow next to your email address to see this setting.)
  • Monitor system keys: Check this box to record the exact keys they pressed while typing (space bar, shift key, etc.) and include them in your log files.
  • Reset settings: Click this button to return all settings back to their default settings.
  • Events log: This button is used for troubleshooting purposes. WideStep support may ask you to click the button and email the log if you are having an issue with the software.