How many Macs does my license allow me to install Elite Keylogger on? [Mac]

The number of Macs you can monitor depends of the level of license you purchased:

  • If you have the Free (unhidden) version, there are no restrictions. You can download and install the free version on as many Macs as you would like.
  • If you purchased a single PRO Mac license, you can only install the software on one Mac at a time. However, you can uninstall it from one Mac and then reinstall it on another if needed.
  • If you purchased a larger license in groups of 5 or 25, you can install the software on the exact number of Macs that you have a license for. The licenses are added together, so if you buy two 5-packs, you can monitor 10 computers. You can move licenses between several computers as long as the total number of monitored computers does not exceed the total number of licenses you own.
  • If you purchased the Unlimited license, there are no restrictions. You can install the program on as many Macs as you need.

Note: If you reformat your hard drive or reinstall your Mac OS, you WILL NOT have to buy Elite Keylogger again. Simply save your license key (activation code) and you will be able to download a fresh version of Elite Keylogger from our website at any time and activate it immediately.