How do I record chats (instant messages) with Elite Keylogger? [Mac]

One of the great things about Elite Keylogger for Mac is its ability to record both sides of a chat (instant message) conversation. So there’s never any confusion about the context of a message. Just remember though, that chat logs are restricted to the following IM programs, and you must have Elite Keylogger version 1.3.037 or higher:

  • Skype
  • Adium
  • iChat/Messages
  • Viber

IM monitoring in Elite Keylogger 1.3 for Mac

Elite Keylogger records chats automatically. Simply install Elite Keylogger according to our installation instructions and you will be able to view chat logs recorded on that computer and receive the logs by email if you wish. If you are interested in collecting chat logs from any other chat / IM programs, please let us know and we will try to add them to a future version of Elite Keylogger.