Exporting configuration

Since one of the 4.x releases we implemented configuration export. It’s that small feature that empowers all users of Elite Keylogger to install it in a pre-configured state. In combination with the silent installation it’s a killer feature! So to configure the settings and have a pre-configured installation file, you need to do the following:

1. Install Elite Keylogger on your own PC, where you could spend some time configuring it.
2. Go to Options, and configure everything as you want it to be at the target system.
3. Use the “Export configuration” option to attach your configuration details to any installer of Elite Keylogger.

Now you can run this installer in the target system and have the installed copy pre-configured right away.

P.S. Silent installation can be run by executing ek_setup.exe (or whatever’s the name of the installation file of Elite Keylogger that you have) with /s parameter, like this: “ek_setup.exe /s” – you might need to learn more about running executables with parameters in Windows to do this.