Elite Keylogger & AVG Internet Security

For a flawless performance of Elite Keylogger on a computer with AVG Internet Security you may need to follow these simple steps to be sure that Elite Keylogger is not detected by antivirus. We’ve rounded up a video and all actions to perform right under it. Happy monitoring!

  1. Go to Options of AVG Internet Security and choose Advanced Settings
  2. Go to Exceptions menu.
  3. Click Add exception button.
  4. From Esception type list that opens choose Application or File.
  5. Add C:\Windows\System32\*******.exe and click OK (* you can find out the file names of your copy of Elite Keylogger by following these easy instructions).
  6. Save changes by clicking Apply, answer YES to the pop-up question and click OK to exit.
  7. Exit the Settings by clicking OK.