Elite Keylogger & Avast Internet Security 2015

For successful experience with Elite Keylogger on a machine protected by Avast Internet Security 2015 you’ll possibly need to follow these simple instructions to make sure that Elite Keylogger is not detected. We’ve created a video tutorial, and also listed all the actions below. Have an efficient monitoring!

  1. Go to settings of Avast Internet Security 2015 – Settings button in the main menu.
  2. Find Active Protection there and click Customize for File System Shield.
  3. Go to Exclusions.
  4. Click bing32hlp.exe to add new file and add C:\Windows\System32\*******.exe and click Add again (* you can find out the file names of your copy of Elite Keylogger by following these easy instructions).
  5. Go to previous line and click OK.
  6. Close Settings menu.
  7. That’s it! Your Elite Keylogger is not detected anymore.