Elite Keylogger and (for) Mac OS X El Capitan, 10.11

Elite Keylogger for OS X El CapitanMany of you have asked us about this. And as always, our team has you backed with a top-level (and probably the only existing for today) personal monitoring solution for your Mac computer. We are gladly presenting Elite Keylogger 1.7 for Mac OS X El Capitan.

Make sure to check the rest of the article for the short but very significant changelog for the new release. Meanwhile, you might be looking for these upgrade instructions, and we know you are. So…

Elite Keylogger 1.7 for Mac – Upgrade Instructions

Chances are your previous version of Elite Keylogger stopped working after you upgraded to Mac OS X El Capitan. Or even if you were already using version 1.7, it just doesn’t unhide after your OS X got upgraded. It’s exactly what we expected. Unfortunately, Elite Keylogger is so deeply integrated into the system, it’s nearly impossible for it to get reinstated with the new major version of OS X in place. You just need to reinstall it!

  1. Download the latest release of Elite Keylogger for Mac.
  2. Mount the DMG, and double-click the installation shortcut.
  3. Follow our usual installation instructions.
  4. Logoff, log back in. You are all set.

Need help? Get in touch.

Elite Keylogger 1.7 and SIP

Also, you may have heard about “rootless” security mode in the new OS X. The official name, “System Integrity Protection“, is more accurate though. And yes, given the nature of Elite Keylogger as a product, it couldn’t escape being affected. Unlike some other apps that just no longer exist on OS X, we managed to update our code to support all the innovations of El Capitan. Well… almost all of them. Our brilliant devs are still busy digging the backbones of the new system by Apple, and until we find a better solution, Elite Keylogger for Mac will not be able to capture user input from protected edit fields, like password boxes, in native Apple applications available out-of-the-box in the new OS. Meaning, Elite Keylogger’s password tracking feature becomes a bit restricted on OS X 10.11. This protection system evolves with minor updates being released by Apple. Elite Keylogger also updates in accordance, and while there might be new apps added to the list of restricted ones, others may slip out and become trackable again.

We still believe it’s an acceptable price for letting everyone in Mac community have the opportunity to fully control their Macs even not being around. Stay tuned, we might be improving this.

Elite Keylogger 1.7 – What’s new

Now, the most boring part 😉 Here’s a quick list of what we updated in 1.7:

  • Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan compatibility
  • Updates to internal hiding mechanism under OS X 10.11
  • General performance and speed improvements
  • Fixes in logs’ emailing
  • Minor polishing fixes

Should you have any questions, drop us a line. Got a minute, download Elite Keylogger for Mac right here, and enjoy the new releases of both.