Elite Keylogger 5.0: introducing 64-bit support

Yes, we promised, we delivered. Elite Keylogger 5 has now been in development for about 2 years. The whole our team was working unbelievably hard on this new release. And at last there’s light at the end of the tunnel. Elite Keylogger 5 is here. while it might not be available on the Windows Store due to its nature (and we don’t have any working build for Windows 8 yet), it’s definitely available directly from our website 24/7. You might need to check our Update Guide if you are already using Elite Keylogger 4.x or any older version.

Elite Keylogger 5 is an extremely complex and multi-layered low-core app, and it requires significant time and effort to debug, improve and release. That said, you might be surprised that the new major release that took us 2+ years to deliver still looks the same in terms of UI. That’s because we concentrated on the very important feature you all were begging for: 64-bit Windows support. And it is officially here. It’s not like any other feature we ever released before. It’s bound to digital certificates and some legal stuff we had to cope with before we can officially install Elite Keylogger’s driver in a 64-bit system. Still, there’s a lot more updated in Elite Keylogger 5, so getting the new version is well-worth the wait time!

Packed in Elite Keylogger 5.0:

  • New 64-bit compatible digitally signed core driver
  • Much improved invisibility and protection from well-known antiviruses and anti-keyloggers
  • Better interception of POP3/SMTP mailboxes
  • Fixed issues with correct logging dates
  • Improved secret copying of logs to previously initialized USB flash drives
  • Stabilized Settings resetting
  • Better logs’ filtering
  • Interface improvements
  • Multi-monitor support in Screenshots log
  • Enhanced logs’ emailing using SSL-enabled mail-servers
  • Many minor improvements and fixes

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