Elite Keylogger 5.3 – new release

Elite Keylogger 5.3 is now available for download and update, adding full and totally revamped support for the newly released Windows 8.1. Our thanks to everyone for their help in beta-testing and helping us protect our precious keylogger from evil antiviruses.

Release notes:

  • complete support of Windows 8.1
  • in-depth refactoring of the inners of the app and its keylogging driver
  • additional cryptography in the keylogger’s installer to prevent detection
  • proactive protection from anti-keyloggers and anti-viruses during installation
  • additional hints to white-list Elite Keylogger’s modules in anti-viruses
  • more tricks inside the driver to better hide it in the system
  • fixes and improvements

Download Elite Keylogger 5.3 for Windows

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