Elite Keylogger 5.1

Yes! We heard you, and Elite Keylogger 5.1 is completely supported on Microsoft Windows ® 8. Moreover, this new release is a free update for all current users of version 5.0. Additionally, the update is packed with a ton of new features:
  • Improved security and protection from antiviruses with updated management of temporary files.
  • Improved remote logs naming to prevent overwriting of the logs from one computer by the logs from the other one.
  • More passwords captured in Windows 8 are in the Passwords Log (instead of just being tracked in Keystrokes).
  • More mail servers are automatically pre-configured when emailing logs.
  • Localization fixes and enhancements.
  • Screenshot log is generated automatically and is there every time you need it.
  • Fixed issues with taking screenshots of active windows only and of small screen sizes.
  • Logs can now be emailed or uploaded remotely not more often than once in an hour.
  • Settings that used kilobytes are now in megabytes.
  • We removed automatic clearing of the logs by time due to complexity issues.
  • Automatic clearing of logs by size is now mandatory for stability reasons. The log storage cannot be bigger than 4 GB now.
  • Metro-apps get a special icon in logs.
Unfortunately, we won’t be able to notify you about the update automatically, not to interfere with your stealth installations. So, update to Elite Keylogger 5.1 will be somewhat manual. You can download and install the new version directly from widestep.com
P.S. If for some reason Elite Keylogger installer doesn’t run correctly, make sure you use “Run As Administrator” option.