Elite Keylogger 1.6 for Mac

OS_X_10.10.5One of our main goals at WideStep is to deliver the best legal personal monitoring app for your desktop computer no matter how hard anti-viruses and various system restricting updates are interfering. You are the admin of your computer, you own it, you have the right to know who, when and how uses it if you are not around. With the foreseeable release of the new System Integrity Protection in OS X 10.11 (El Capitan) we still have a number of challenges to overcome and we are actually doing great and are not going to give up!

Also, the latest update of Elite Keylogger for Mac is already here. It’s 1.6 and it adds support for OS X 10.10.5 along with a number of other minor and major improvements. We revamped logs’ encryption, user tracking and browser monitoring. And the new build has definitely become a hair faster.

We had to block the possibility of running Elite Keylogger on Mac OS X Betas, though. And 10.11 is not yet officially supported, but we are heading there.

If you think we could add something new to Elite Keylogger, or find an issue you cannot find a fix for, feel free to stay in touch. Download the latest upgrade here.