The right way to report an issue with our software

Here, at WideStep, we do our best to provide help to our clients as soon as we can, and resolve each and every issue. That is why, to prevent delays and unnecessary follow-ups for details, we present this simple guide on what we suppose to be the right way to report bugs and other technical issues about Elite Keylogger. We ask you to follow it precisely when sending emails to WideStep.

First of all, when reporting an issue, be VERY (I mean, VERY!!!) specific. Just telling us “it doesn’t work” or “it doesn’t unhide” will not help us resolve the issue or provide any useful recommendations.

It is absolutely important to tell us in simple words the following:

  1. your OS.
  2. is it 32- or 64-bit edition of Windows?
  3. exact version and build of Elite Keylogger you are using; remember, if you use an old version of Elite Keylogger, which is older than the one listed at the website, upgrade first, we won’t be able to fix or support old releases.
  4. your antivirus, anti-spyware or other potentially conflicting software which tend to mislead our users today by telling them that our software is a trojan or virus, etc; version details, virus signature update date, etc.
  5. explain what you did; step-by-step!
  6. explain what happened.
  7. explain what you expected to happen.

Thank you!

A very good (but long) description of the ideal bug report can be found here.

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