Top 4 Best Keylogger Tools To Monitor Your Mac

When you type “best free keylogger Mac” in Google you get almost 20,000 results and hundreds of different keyloggers. Some are free, while others cost as much as several hundreds of dollars. How do you know which is the right one for you? To find out the answer, we have selected four most popular keyloggers on the market and compared their features.

Honorable Mention: Perfect Keylogger for Mac


perfect keylogger mac

Perfect Keylogger for Mac deserves its place among the best free keylogger Mac applications in 2017. Looking at Perfect Mac Keylogger reviews posted on the official website, it’s clear that the developers of this mature keylogging application have used their vast experience to create polished software without any glaring bugs. One Mac keylogger review states, “I found no bugs, used SMTP functions, and it literally saved my life.”

Unfortunately, Perfect Keylogger for Mac couldn’t make it on our list of top 3 best mac keylogger 2017 applications because there’s no free trial version available. Without it, potential customers cannot easily test the software on their machines and evaluate its features. The price for the Prefect closure is $44.95 + you need to pay an additional price to record passwords.

Third Place: Refog Keylogger for Mac

refog keylogger mac

With its support for all recent versions of the Mac OS X operating system and a free trial version available to download after completing a simple registration, Refog Keylogger for Mac is one of the best keylogger for Mac. The software is designed with simplicity in mind, allowing employers, administrators, or parents to monitor all activity with just a few clicks.

We don’t believe that users should be required to register on the site just to test the software. Who has the time to read lengthy Terms of Service and Privacy Policy agreements when there are alternatives that get straight to business? The price for the Refog keylogger is $82 in case you need to monitor all computer activity and send logs to your email.

Second Place: Aobo Mac Keylogger

aobo keylogger mac

Aobo Mac Keylogger records keystrokes, takes desktop screenshots, secretly sends log files to email, and can be installed even by people with very little IT experience. The wide variety of its features almost makes it the best keylogger for Mac – almost.

The problem with Aobo Mac Keylogger is that only the professional edition can record passwords and it costs $149.95. Read just a few Aobo Mac Keylogger reviews, and it becomes apparent just how many people have mistakenly purchased the standard edition only to find out that they need the professional edition.

Best Mac Keylogger 2017: Elite Keylogger for Mac


This leads us to Elite Keylogger for Mac – the best free keylogger Mac users can download. Designed with the latest usability principles in mind, Elite Keylogger for Mac records everything a Mac user types on the monitored computer, including the clipboard content. Elite Kylogger for Mac can record passwords and user names; identify applications where the user logged on: browsers, Facebook, Twitter, Mail, games, etc. The software comes with a built-in screenshot recorder, the ability to silently deliver recorded logs via email, and much more.

Best of all, it’s the most invisible keylogger for Mac OS X out there. Once you install it on a Mac computer, Elite Keylogger for Mac will stay hidden from view, quietly doing its job in the background. In this Mac Keylogger review, we also want to highlight the fact that you can download Elite Keylogger for free from the official website in just a few seconds. So, go ahead and give it a try – you won’t find a better keylogger for Mac anywhere on the internet.