Best Free Alternative to Aobo Keylogger for Mac – Elite Keylogger

Keyloggers, programs used to capture and record the keys pressed on a keyboard, are often associated with the shady underbelly of the internet. While it’s true that keylogging software can be abused, just like any other software, there are many more legitimate uses for keyloggers than illegitimate.

One keylogging software available to users of the Mac OS X operating system is the Aobo Mac OS X Keylogger. With this program, you can record keystrokes, take desktop screenshots, send keystroke log files to another computer via the internet, and more.

If you read any Aobo Mac Keylogger review, you discover the wide variety of things the software is commonly used for. Some people use it to protect their children, some rely on Aobo Keylogger Mac to monitor the activity on a home computer, and others have successfully used the software to locate and retrieve a stolen Apple laptop or computer.

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Downloading Aobo Mac Keylogger

You can try Aobo Mac Keylogger for free for 30 days by downloading the trial version from the official website. Once the free trial expires, you will be required to enter an Aobo Keylogger registration code.


You can purchase a personal license for 1 computer for $79.95 per year. What’s more, a version of Aobo Mac Keylogger that can record passwords starts at $149.95 for only 1 computer. Unsurprisingly, many potential customers are unwilling to pay such a large sum of money for software they might use only for a few weeks or months.

Aobo Keylogger for Mac – Serial Code & Crack

Not knowing that free alternatives to Aobo Mac Keylogger exist, downloading the software from warez websites is often seen as a good alternative to buying a legitimate license. It takes just a few minutes to find an Aobo Mac Keylogger crack or Aobo Mac Keylogger serial key. An Aobo Keylogger torrent containing the latest version of the software together with a fully functional key or crack is often available only a few hours after the official release.

Besides breaking the law, people who download keylogging software such as Aobo Mac Keylogger illegally also put themselves at the mercy of cyber criminals who are behind the illegal software releases. These criminals often distribute slightly modified versions of the pirated software and use them to steal bank account information, credit card details, personal pictures and documents from the computers of their victims. If you don’t want this to happen to you, you should never use illegal serial keys and cracks from warez websites.

Use a Free alternative to Aobo Mac Keylogger

aobo keylogger alternative for mac

It’s a much better idea to use a free alternative to Aobo Mac Keylogger, one that you can use without paying over $100. Elite Keylogger for Mac is a highly popular free alternative to Aobo Mac Keylogger and other keyloggers for the Mac OS X operating system. It can help you record keystrokes, take screenshots, collect web history, capture clipboard content, and more.

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Download the free version to learn more about this excellent alternative to Aobo Mac Keylogger.