Amac Keylogger Review. Free Alternative to Amac Keylogger

Amac Keylogger is marketed as a spy application for Mac OS X. It’s designed to answer the growing need of employers, parents, and individual users to have a reliable way how to monitor what happens on a computer when nobody besides the person who uses it is looking.

Amak Keylogger Review


The main features of Amac Keylogger are the ability to capture keyboard keystrokes and take screenshots. When combined, they provide anyone with admin privileges a complete overview of the activity on the monitored machine. The Professional version of Amac Keylogger, Amac Keylogger Pro, can also record hidden passwords. Amac also offers a special version aimed at business users, which includes useful remote monitoring capabilities and 1-click installation process, making large-scale deployment painless.

Amac Keylogger Pricing

When you visit the Amac Keylogger download page, you’ll notice the option to download a free trial version of the software. The trial lasts 7 days, and it includes all features of Amac Keylogger. A single Amac Keylogger registration code can be purchased either for around $80 or $130, depending on whether you choose the Standard or Professional version.

The registration code is valid for only 1 computer, but Amac offers a significant bulk discount for 3 licenses. Enterprise customers are billed either monthly or annually. When billed monthly, the cost of the software is $39.95 per month. When billed annually, the cost is just $16.66 per month.

Amac Keylogger Crack

Surprisingly, there are Amac Keylogger reviews online that mention how the full version of the software can be downloaded for free. Amac Keylogger Pro serial codes are being shared on bulletin boards and warez websites along with setup files. It goes without saying that all pirated versions of Amac Keylogger are illegal. More and more countries punish software pirating with substantial fines and even jail time.

But software pirates don’t just break the law—they also place themselves at the mercy of hackers and cyber criminals who operate websites that host pirated software. Motivated by financial gains, hackers often modify pirated software in a way that allows them to remotely install malware on the computers of people who decide that Amac Keylogger torrents are a sound way how to obtain the software.

Legal, Free Alternative to Amac Keylogger Professional

Free Alternative to Amac Keylogger

Most people start searching for an Amac Keylogger crack when the 7-day trial version expires. One week isn’t nearly enough to test all features of the software. Because nobody wants to spend over $100 on untested software, piracy seems to be the answer—even though it isn’t.

The real answer is Elite Keylogger for Mac. This popular alternative to Amac Keylogger Professional can be downloaded for free.

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Elite Keylogger Mac can record keystrokes, capture everything copied to the clipboard, take screenshots, deliver reports via email, collect invisible web history, and more. Unlike many other keyloggers, Elite Keylogger Mac is very intuitive, making it one of the best keylogger programs for Mac OS X.