Updated! Elite Keylogger 1.3 for Mac

Happy Monday,

We are in the process of adding some real features to Elite Keylogger for Mac! While we seemed a little quiet lately, actually that’s mostly because we were busy adding… IM chats history tracking with both sides capturing in  iChat/Messages, Skype and Adium!

IM monitoring in Elite Keylogger 1.3 for Mac

IM chats capturing is only available to our PRO users, however, Elite Keylogger will monitor them from the very first moment you install it even in Free mode. But you will be able to read this log only when you upgrade to PRO.

Other version 1.3 updates include…

  • new: selective logs clearing
  • improved internal diagnostic log (Events Log) for troubleshooting purposes
  • polished texts in some alerts and dialogs
  • fixed some installation issues when updating from previous releases and importing existing logs
  • fixed several possible crashes

Get the new version of Elite Keylogger for Mac here.