There are several ways to uninstall Elite Keylogger. Please, note: the uninstallation method you choose much depends on the mode you installed Elite Keylogger in. Since version 3.0, uninstallation process was changed a bit. Right now the best way to uninstall Elite Keylogger is to use the "Uninstall keylogger" button in the Options tab of the GUI.

If you installed Elite Keylogger in invisible mode:

Uninstallation from invisible mode can be executed from the configuration utility or command line. To uninstall Elite Keylogger, please, go to Options tab and select "Quick Tasks - Uninstall Keylogger".


If you have problems logging into the GUI, please, e-mail us to receive further instructions, supply your detailed system specifications and exactly describe the situation that you are having, including what exactly happens when you try to unhide Elite Keylogger to get into the GUI.

If you installed Elite Keylogger in visible mode or only Logs Viewer:

In this case Elite Keylogger is added to your Add/Remove Programs list, so you may uninstall it in standard way from there. Alternatively, you may use the "All Programs - WideStep Elite Keylogger - Uninstall" shortcut which was also created during the installation.