Elite Keylogger works absolutely invisibly in the background, so that your PC users will not spot that they are monitored unless you intentionally enable monitoring warning.

To unhide Elite Keylogger, please follow these simple steps:

  1. Press WIN+R, or launch Run dialog going to Start menu -> Run
  2. Type "unhide" (this is th default unhide keyword, you should change it in Main Options)
  3. Do not press Enter, or click OK! Elite Keylogger tracks the sequence and will be unhidden automatically if the keyword is only typed.

    Unhide keyword

  4. Type in your unhide password (if it is the first time you launch it, it will ask you to set the unhide password, type it in and go to Step 1)
  5. If the unhide password is correct, you will be granted the access to Elite Keylogger.