Elite Keylogger

The best key logger.
For Windows and Mac.

Why do I need a keylogger?

  • It monitors your computer when you are not around
  • It helps you find out the truth
  • It protects your kids online
  • It's like a hidden surveillance cam
  • It ensures your employees' efficiency
Elite Keylogger for Mac 1.8 now supports macOS 10.15 Catalina. Get it now!
Elite Keylogger
for Mac OS X
Elite Keylogger
for Windows

 Monitor Keystrokes

Elite Keylogger has the ability to record all keys typed on a computer - while remaining completely invisible to users! From its logs, you will see passwords, documents, emails, chat messages, and everything that was typed. Note: some input fields may be protected at the system level, thus untrackable.

 Collect Passwords

Our Elite User Activity Control includes low-core keyboard monitoring which allows it to collect all typed passwords - even Windows logon data. Please note, though, that system-level restrictions apply in Elite Keylogger for Mac.

 Record Chats and Emails

Elite Keylogger for Windows can record chat and instant messages from a number of clients, including MSN, AOL, ICQ, AIM, GTalk and Skype. It can also record both incoming and outgoing email messages. Elite Monitor for Mac can record both sides of chats from Skype, Viber, iChat/Messages and Adium, as well as outgoing email.

 Remote Installation

Elite Keystroke Detector is the perfect solution for monitoring a computer remotely. Once installed, the logs can be emailed to you, or uploaded to a server. This makes it an ideal tool for corporations to monitor employee computers. The app is completely invisible and cannot be detected by antivirus or antispyware software.

 Excellent URL Interception

Elite Personal Monitor is one of the best keyloggers thanks to its ability to record websites visited across ALL major browsers. It provides full URL capture for Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, Google Chrome and more. Each website address is captured in the logs along with a timestamp, so you can easily monitor your children’s Internet activity, for example, to ensure they are safe.

 Truly User-Friendly Interface

It's so easy to use. Installation is quick and painless for novice users. Though Elite Keylogger provides more advanced options like remote installation and pre-configuration for those who need it. Once installed, you can have it set up and working in minutes. Just input how you’d like to receive the logs and you never have to touch the program again – it’s all automatic from that point forward!

 Multiple Log Delivery Options

Elite Keylogger provides a multitude of ways to receive logs. You can have logs emailed to you, uploaded to an FTP site, transmitted to another computer on the same LAN, or transferred to a USB flash drive. There are no limits on the log size that can be sent.

 Starts Invisible – Stays That Way

The number one reason Elite Keylogger is the best security solution is that it remains 100% invisible to all users of the computer it is monitoring. Users won't find Elite System Logger in the Windows Start Menu or OS X Launchpad, among running processes, in the list of applications, in the history of used programs, or anywhere else!

 Application Monitoring

All applications launched are recorded, with time-stamps. Elite Keystroke Logger also takes screenshots at regular intervals so that you can see, as well as read, what is occurring on the screen.

 Clipboard Monitoring

Elite Keylogger will record anything copied to the Clipboard. So passwords are captured, even if they are copied and pasted rather than typed.

“You will love Elite Keylogger for Mac if you want to secretly gather data and create a visual log of activity on your Mac. For a free app it offers a lot of neat features and will be especially useful if you're a parent worried about your child's Web activity.”

Chris Page, CNET's Download.com

“Es un Keylogger perfecto! Vigila, registra e informa sobre cada acción realizada en mi Mac. Me impresionó mucho este programa. Yo creía que este nivel de sofisticación se vendería a un precio elevado, per es realmente Gratuito! ”

Paul Davis, real user